Welcome to #Mistresses.

This is a Bondage International Network Channel

Channel rules are as follows

It is encouraged that you inform us if you are male or female upon entry.

Permission is needed to PM, approach or serve any female dominant.

Dominant individuals must have a capped nick name or will be treated as submissive. Equally, all submissive or slave individuals must have lower case names. No Kinky/perv/guest nicks.

Switches are welcome but -switching of roles- in the channel is not permitted. If you are a switch and you are in the channel as a submissive or slave, you must use lower case names or you will be asked to leave.

Role play is allowed in the channel, but sexually explicit role playing should be kept to PM.

Links can be posted in the channel as long as they are related to a current discussion, no random link posting.

No drama, debates, or political/ religious discussion in public from anyone, keep these to your PM or find another channel. Remember there are higher expectations from Dominants, so they should lead by example.

We accept there are many themes within BDSM, and as such, discussion is always welcome. However we are not a hypnotic channel. We do not allow hypnotic play here.

Bondage International network rules apply. Questions or problems speak to a channel op, or visit #help on the network in their absence