Welcome to #Hypnotism Channel.

This is a Bondage International Network Channel

Channel rules are as follows

Link posting is encourage, please try make them hypno related, ensure subjects in your links are unquestionably adults and are of adult theme, NO under aged pictures or content even if they’re your own, or what ages links claim models/subjects to be. That means ZERO child/underage/teen pictures. Bondage International no longer supports the posting of -teens- in picture links, even if they are of you. If you need clarity of this, please visit #help.

If an obvious room trance is in progress, do not interrupt with mass links until it is finished. If the room trance seems to be going on for too long preventing you from link posting, feel free to pm an op.

Given the nature of some themes we ask that you refrain from posting content that is considered to be Loli, Shota,and Chibi arts. You are responsible for the links you post here. Regardless the age of subjects other web site claim.Bondage International Network rules apply- type /rules to view them.

Entry implies consent, which can be revoked by use of /ignore or leaving the room, you are not required to engage with any user you don’t want to. /ignore is your best friend.

You are not required to seek permission to PM anyone. However, it is regarded polite to ask. No trolling! No flaming of other users. Keep interpersonal drama to your PM. When an op says stop, take that as a warning,you only get one .

No discussions about politics or religion or any content found with the wider networks rules. You can view these by typing /rules.

Treat each other with respect. If any user needs help or has problems in the channel and can’t contact a channel op, report to channel #help for -help-.

Complaints or problems where appropriate should be accompanied with proof, such as logs or a copy of PM’s or screenshots You are free to PM a channel operator or report to network #help channel.

Be aware that people enjoy the fantasy of gender swapping. This can be common in this environment. Males may pretend to be female and vice versa. This does not apply to users who by nature refer to themselves as trans-gendered. Being an adult network, it will be assumed that you adopt personal responsibility to know who you play with. Channel ops will not get involved in personal matters that arise from your playing or trancing in relation to gender swapping. We do encourage users to be honest with each other and don’t mislead others knowingly. Given the nature of our communications, channel ops cannot vouch for the gender ID of any user, that is on you and you alone.